– In what the brain-piercing mechanism?

– All is simple: passed through holes in a skull the metal ring (gold or silver) puts pressure upon brain fabrics, promoting outlier in blood of the chemical compounds invoking euphoria.

– How much this procedure is dangerous and painful?

– All becomes under an anaesthesia. And after the ring is passed, it any more does not cause a pain.

– And how operation is spent?

– Cut the hair on a patient head, then by a drill it is bored through in a skull two tiny foramens. Through them the bent needle we drag the ring. A foramen do around a nucha – there there is especially sensitive range of a brain. Ring touches (original easy massage) to this field of a brain also are given by an euphoria state.

– How many there is all this procedure?

– About 1000 dollars. The Brain-piercing is more harmless and cheaper than drugs. So my clients consider also. To me there come from Brazil, Argentina, the USA.

– Men is more often address?

– While yes. But the percent of the women carrying in a skull a ringlet, gradually grows…

Despite optimism of the Venezuelan neurosurgeon, a brain-piercing it seems not such harmless. The opinion was in this respect stated by the doctor of medical sciences Igor Kvetnyj:

– Yes, the brain-piercing basically is capable to bring to the owner physiological pleasure. Really, at pressure of the ringlet inserted into a skull upon occipital range of a brain outlier in blood so-called endorgen drugs quite can raise. But the brain of the person is the most complicated system from 100 billion the excitatory cages in which 50 gormonalno-active materials are revealed. One materials are responsible for a sleep, others – for breath, a rhythm of warm reductions, the third operate emotions… Synthesis of all these hormonelike materials is interconnected.

There is a considerable probability of that at long influence of a ringlet the enhanced secretion of these materials will break, for example, a respiratory rhythm. And even will lead to its stop. In the long term the owner of a ringlet in a skull can receive the whole bouquet of hormonal distresses.

The brain-piercing, in my opinion, risky if not to tell irresponsible business. Satisfying whims of young generation, the doctor-Venezuelan creates danger of death not only to health, but also life of the thoughtless patients. I advise to nobody to pursue such extravagant pleasure. .


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