Ear piercing

Ear piercing – perhaps, the most banal kind of piercing. We meet punctured lobes of ears on one hundred times for a day. But if you have dared to diversify somehow the body a superfluous couple of the nicest foramens in the body, but are not ready to radical decisions it is possible to pierce on some additional holes in a lobe, and the quantity of those should be a miscellaneous in the right and left ear. For example three and two. It looks well, not absolutely usually, and if will correctly not fill with the any sensation of the overload appearing in clearing in ears into which the Gland lactate is inserted more, that these ears weigh.

Piercing ears – one of liberal representations of piercing. In ears of the Indians, pierced to people, and deductions, became in the sides, and in cartilages. In representatives Europe tries almost till now, it remains in a prerogative of a covering half. Though in Russia empires an earring in an ear, inserted into the seaman which has crossed for the first time equator (a serious case of career of the seaman – a serious difference).

70 forms of an earring have handed over all stages which the imagination can accept only to the Great Britain, but the preference has been given in any case to a safety pin.

Rappers of 80 piercings Allocation of both ears among people. And if to recently our compatriot carrying earrings, directly condemned on sociability commissions in a homosexual direction now, having even infinity of rings in ears, you hardly draw on you directly special attention.

Possible changes: getting through a cartilage of an ear, piercing of an ear lobule of an ear.

Difficult current: 3 (scale 1 to 10 where 1 these equivalent to a bruise of the big toe, and 10, – as though you have struck a family of processors ARM of the logic circuit of the car).

Time healing: somewhere approximately since three months.

The present sensations: it only separates it intervals of start-up for binding party to more exotic piercing – as your parents before to buy to you of a small dog, in the beginning buy a hamster.

Complications: ear deduction (shares or shells) – the most widespread variant of piercing though additional care have asked in this case. The question – that most a considerable quantity biological active points, here concentrated, everyone from whom is linked to any participant, and in case of an appeal in him in result piercing, can be improvident. Experts recommend to fulfil before to get through inspection on Folu – by means of the special device to define quantity, activity of reflexogenic points – and then to select space of the smallest quantity of risk.


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