Penis piercing

Possible changes:Well-known Prince Albert. Also it is possible to make also piercing with ampalange – metal a pin which will be deepened by those, hand over another in header of a member; it is possible to make the same, it is closer only to establishment; it is possible, to do by various aspects of piercing of a member.

Prince Albert – a name of a ringlet which is attribute of the Victorian dry goods. The legend speaks: prince Albert carried such ringlet inserted into header of a member, a parentage of hygienic disks. The given deduction is completed in мочеиспускательном the channel in the main establishment. Procedure – hunger, a pain is minimum, living almost immediately, the pleasure is long.

It would be desirable only to tell, nothing is what is it projected only for additional reception and as files cookie confirm, comparable pleasures of a close life. And as the ornament it can be used if you are going to to link a life with pornobusiness.

Pain: if you are afraid, know, only 4 which is it, it is not enough. Meanwhile in other aspects of piercing, for example, with ampalage, operation can approximately take thirty seconds to pass it in header. Time healing: four approximately six weeks – much faster, than another sex piercings because the ring passes in мочеиспускательном the channel, and in urine, former fruitless, help to disinfect a ring and a wound.

Complications: in the beginning you can wash up a wound for disinfection in a bathroom – for yourselves, it is more convenient to appear there. Survey Also, what is it piercing during the first days can bleed.

The present sensations: when the construction there arrives. The ring completely disappears in a member, rejecting only the small one marker repeating the form of header. Your member receives an additional subject to pleasure of your partner, very much and it. Thanks to it the orgasm in two becomes more intense.


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