New California law gets the lead out of piercing jewelry

It is the report from the Californian Unit of Management of Toxic substance which puts into practice new state law which regulates introduction a wire of jewelry, especially piercing jewelry.

On March, 1st that law came into force.

“Body piercings can be especially vulnerable for a poisoning as the output can enter a blood flow through punctured areas,” has told Maureen Gorsen, the director of Unit of California of Management of Toxic substances, in the written operator.

To explain point, officials from unit were in Berkeley on Thursday in computer centre of Piercing of the Tattoo and the Body of the Zebra to extend a word on which at jewelry should be less than a 10 percent output on March, 1st and less than 6 percent to 30 авг. 2009.

If they break the new law, they can face to penalties to 2 500$ in day for each play in their possession.

Kerrie Naslund, 34, the senior tattooer in the Zebra within 16 years, has told, that she is assured, that its computer centre is not containing lead because it receives the most part of the jewelry from the American manufacturers who ensure the certificates showing to metals in getting jewelry which they buy.


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