Ear-Piercing Sirens Used to Drive Teens Away

The special representative of England for children and group of a civil freedom joined on campaign on Tuesday to prohibit the high-frequency devices intended, to drive away badly itself leading children from shops and other areas.

So-called device “Mosquito” lets out high-frequency hum which is heard – and irritating – to young ears, but at all did not hear people is higher 20.

“This device – fast, fix, which is not engaged in a problem original cause, and it is illegible,” the English Children’s Special representative Is scarlet Aynsley-Green has told.

Participants of campaign assert, that are used approximately 3 500 of the devices made the Welsh company.

Aynsley-green has told in interview to radio of Corporation of the British broadcasting, that devices do not deal with a real problem which is, that children do not have any place to be going to except in streets.

“I think, what is it – a strong symptom of that I name a malaise at the heart of our society,” he has told.

“I am very interested that I see to be an appearing working split between youth and old, pavors, absence of tolerance, even hatred, high generation to youth.”

Shami Chakrabarti, the director of group Liberty of the civil rights, supported campaign.

“Imagine the protest if the device has been entered which has called the common discomfort to people of one race or a floor, instead of to our children,” has told Chakrabarti. “For ‘ the Mosquito ‘ is not present any place in the country which estimates its children and aspires to inoculate them with advantage and respect.”

The inventor of the Mosquito, Howard Stapleton, has requested the agreement on guidelines to use devices.
“We speak to owners of shop to use it when they have a problem, and I would be more than is happy to enter the contract which provides to owners of shop as it can be used,” Stapleton have been specified as the message of the Western newspaper of Mail.

“People speak about encroaching human rights, but what concerning human rights of the owner of shop which sees its business crash because groups of disobedient teenagers drive away its clients?”


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