March 26, 2008

– In what the brain-piercing mechanism?

– All is simple: passed through holes in a skull the metal ring (gold or silver) puts pressure upon brain fabrics, promoting outlier in blood of the chemical compounds invoking euphoria.

– How much this procedure is dangerous and painful?

– All becomes under an anaesthesia. And after the ring is passed, it any more does not cause a pain.
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Ear piercing

March 26, 2008

Ear piercing – perhaps, the most banal kind of piercing. We meet punctured lobes of ears on one hundred times for a day. But if you have dared to diversify somehow the body a superfluous couple of the nicest foramens in the body, but are not ready to radical decisions it is possible to pierce on some additional holes in a lobe, and the quantity of those should be a miscellaneous in the right and left ear. For example three and two. It looks well, not absolutely usually, and if will correctly not fill with the any sensation of the overload appearing in clearing in ears into which the Gland lactate is inserted more, that these ears weigh.
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Penis piercing

March 26, 2008

Possible changes:Well-known Prince Albert. Also it is possible to make also piercing with ampalange – metal a pin which will be deepened by those, hand over another in header of a member; it is possible to make the same, it is closer only to establishment; it is possible, to do by various aspects of piercing of a member.

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State Inspects Bay Area Body Piercing Shops For Lead

March 19, 2008

The state inspectors have visited penetration of tank of District of a gulf and departments of calculation of a tattoo on Thursday to carry out the new law which prohibits an output of all jewelry sold in California.

Mike Berriesford, supervising investigator with the Department of Toxic Substances Control, employed new x-ray equipment at Zebra on Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue.

“We have a new law to be carried out, and we should be convinced here that standards kept the friend for the friend,” has told Berriesford.

Not a problem for Kerri Naslund which fulfilled nose penetration. It fulfilled the computer centre which is not containing a seal within 16 years, she has told.

New Trend in Body Piercing All the Rage

March 19, 2008

In tank penetration the new popular tendency. It has called microdermal installation, and it is all anger.

“Microdermal penetration instead of passing two parts of party of tank or a tissue, it passes only party,” speak about Matthew MARTER, the tattooer in the Club Tattoo in the Temple.

“Support under a skin while normal support will be on the other hand the higher angle of the first line of the newspaper either in a nostril or in a labium.”

Harter says, that dermal installation restored the industry, and last year, became improbably popular.

“For two last weeks I think, that I from this had 50 or nearby it.”

Unique microdermal penetration to you will delay approximately 50$.

Piercing age may drop

March 19, 2008

Popularity of penetration has obliged Municipal leaders of Oakland again to survey limitation on age in which the youth can receive their first carnations and longly popular products.

Under solution during municipality the youth requires negotiation of the relative for penetration of tank and operation to do a tattoo, they do not turn 18 – eliminated, that those at the age of 16, and 17 could get into the higher angles of the first line of the newspaper without parent approbation.

The solution, offered replacements places penetration of a belly-button and a nose into the same category as penetrating age.
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Hello world!

December 20, 2007

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